Thanks for stopping by to enjoy some of my favorite photos. My name is Len Greene and am a singer-songwriter, audio recording engineer, guitarist and photographer.  My love of nature inspires my original music and my photographic images.  My wife Vani and I have a home and permaculture farm in southwest Costa Rica, located in the lush verdant jungle foothills rising from the tropical Pacific Ocean.  We are surrounded by majestic beauty which is compelling and inspiring and is the focus and subject of my photographic images.  Enjoy!

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  1. Such natural beauty everywhere … the photos convey the lushness and magnificence of the landscape.
    I can almost smell the fragrance of the ylang ylang!

    Thanks for sharing the images… look forward to hearing your music and meeting you both if we can;-)

  2. Thank you Judyth! Yes, if you can make it down our way, we would love to meet you and share some fun down in our neck of the woods, er jungle!

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