Besides my family and photography, music is my other love!  I am truly fortunate to have been able to follow my passion and be a professional working musician. Vani and I founded, are the leaders of and perform with Ariel, an award winning party band playing for weddings, social and corporate events in the NY Metro area and resort destinations.

I wrote my first song, “Clouds” at 15 and it is still one of my favorites.  You can hear it as the last track on our recently released album, “Luminosity” by going to our website:

You will hear 11 songs that were inspired by my love for and the beauty of nature and the spiritual path.  This music requires that you slow down in order to truly hear it.  If you do, you will feel the expansiveness and joy that inspired it to come into being.

We were blessed to have so many incredibly talented musicians record with us on our record; among them Jordan Rudess, Steve Gorn, Cyro Baptista, Roger Squitero, Tony Markellis and many others.  We were so happy that our son, Jesse sang lead and background on several tracks, making it truly a family project.

Our music has inspired Jesse to write a spiritual fairy tale called, “Dream of the Dragonfly”.  One day we hope that his concept and story will make it to the big screen!

Please let us know if you have any music or recording projects that you can use our help with.  We have a wonderful recording studio in Cresskill, NJ where your creative juices can flow, or you can utilize my writing, music production, recording or arranging skills to make your project come alive.

We hope you will take the time to check out Luminosity.  Please do, and let us know what you think!

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