Bird gallery

“Bird Time” is the most magical time of day for us in Costa Rica. At dusk and dawn the atmosphere is filled with the calls of birds. In the morning, the birds welcome the day and announce their presence to their distant casino In the early evening, the sky fills with birds moving to their new roosts where they will settle for the night. It almost feels like an intrusion to converse at this time, so we often fall silent as we listen to their songs.

Welcome to greenephotos…

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy some of my favorite photos. My name is Len Greene and am a singer-songwriter, audio recording engineer, guitarist and photographer.  My love of nature inspires my original music and my photographic images.  My wife Vani and I have a home and permaculture farm in southwest Costa Rica, located in the lush verdant jungle foothills rising from the tropical Pacific Ocean.  We are surrounded by majestic beauty which is compelling and inspiring and is the focus and subject of my photographic images.  Enjoy!