Dad’s shares his love of photography

Life’s Journey

It’s funny how in the course of life’s journey certain themes and elements keep appearing and reappearing.  As I look back over my life, I see music, art, photography and nature as passions that keep evolving and reappearing.

My love for photography began when I was a young child.  My dad, Ben Greene, loved photography and built a dark room in the basement of our Queens, NY garden apartment building.  We spent countless hours together there.  I was a devoted student and loved the chance to spend so much time with my dad as he pursued and evolved his craft.

When it came time to pursue my own career, song writing and performing as a guitarist / vocalist was my clear path.  I have spent my life as a musician.  I built a recording studio in my home and developed my skills as a recording artist and engineer.  In 2011, my wife Vani and I released our first CD, “Luminosity”.  The songs on our record were all inspired by nature and spirituality.  We are very proud of the record.  It is the fulfillment of one of our life’s dreams.

Over the years, Vani and I dreamed about where we would like to live when we were able to leave the Metro NY area.  We really enjoyed playing and imagining beautiful places that we might choose to live.  We knew that we would definitely want to make our next move to a place with great natural beauty.  We zeroed in our Costa Rica as one of our top choices for the next phase of our journey together.  When we visited there in 2004, we were swept off our feet by its great beauty, pure air and water, fantastic climate, warm, friendly locals, and tremendous opportunity for outdoor adventure.

We returned to Costa Rica in 2009, determined to find a piece of property where we could begin to set down roots and plan our future together.  In a whirlwind 9 day trip, we found our land and purchased 29 acres of land with a gorgeous view of San Juan de Dios Valley with the mountains rising up behind it.

View from our porch at Finca Verde

Finca Verde

Our love for “Finca Verde” (Greene farm) grows deeper with every trip.  We are still living in New Jersey, but we have been fortunate to have made many, many trips to date to beautiful Costa Rica.  During our last trip we cleared some of our overgrown meadows and found grinding stones left there by the indigenous people.  It warms our hearts so to know that the native peoples chose our beautiful land as a place to live.

In 2009, we completed phase one of our home construction by building a master bedroom suite with large porch, outdoor kitchen, a spacious indoor bedroom and bath and an outdoor shower with a magnificent view of our valley.  We find the mostly outdoor living to be very much to our liking.  We spend most of our time on our porch with the birds and breezes filled with the heavenly scent of the ylang ylang blossoms.  We have planted more than 20 variety of fruit and food trees, and intend one day to be self sustaining there.

Our home in Costa Rica

In 2010, our son Jesse visited us at our property and he was deeply struck by it’s beauty.  He moved to Dominical shortly thereafter and is making a life there too.  Jesse has also developed a great love for music, photography and songwriting, and so the beat goes on.  We have plans and are evolving two businesses together that will incorporate all our talents and interests, as well as our passion for our beloved Costa Rica.

Please enjoy our photos and let us know if we can assist you with your photographic, vacation or real estate needs!